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A King’s Calling

By Tyler Bradshaw

“We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do.” Sound familiar? It should. It’s an all-time great quote from the Matrix Reloaded. And if you haven’t seen the Matrix, I don’t know how you have made it through this much of your life. If you haven’t seen them then for the sake of you continuing to read this article, I will just tell you that destiny plays a great role throughout the films. Finding one’s destiny, realizing one’s calling and fulfilling their purpose play an enormous part.

Destiny is a funny thing. Many of us go our whole lives thinking about what our calling might be and never realize it, or we spend too much energy focusing on what our purpose is, and we simply miss it being right there in front of us. All we had to do was reach out and grasp it.

Then there are the lucky ones, or for the purpose of this article, “the chosen ones”, the envy of society. The ones who seem to have it all figured out, and without a shadow of a doubt, they and everyone around them know why they were dropped onto this earth. Nothing will keep them from fulfilling their destiny. These people are the ones we all marvel at. They often take on the most criticism only because the expectations are so much greater for them than all the others.

With all this talk about destiny and the chosen ones it seems fitting we talk about “THE Chosen One”. The man whom I believe was sent on this earth to become the greatest Point Guard who has ever played. His name Is LeBron James.
The time has come. After years of waiting and countless times wishing it would happen, it finally has. Thanks to some unfortunate injuries to Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose, King James has taken over “official” point guard duties for the Cavaliers. Granted this is just until Rose bounces back from his minor injury, but Lebron has proved a point I have long tried to make. His destiny is to be the greatest Point Guard ever.

Lebron is a small forward in name. I will never dispute this irrefutable evidence. Nearly every game he has played in his career the two letters “SF” appear by his name. While he may be a Small Forward in name, he is a Point Guard by heart. Just take a look on, and you will see for yourself how James has been his team’s leader in assists every year of his career, except his rookie season. In these 13 years, he never failed to be outside the league’s top 15 assist leaders and cracked the top ten six times. Remember he is doing all of this while remaining in the top five in scoring year after year. In fact, since Lebron entered the league there hasn’t been a year where he wasn’t top fifteen in assists and points per game.

After his first start at point guard in years, James had this to say, “When I started playing ball, for some odd reason, I could learn every single position on the floor all at one time, as a point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center and know all the plays, what they’re doing and what’s the reads.” It wasn’t just “some odd reason” Lebron, it was your destiny taking shape. Since this man was in grade school, he has used his gifted basketball mind to completely commandeer an offense to generate the greatest results for his team.

Some old school basketball purists may be shaking in their graves or cringing at the sight of these words. After all, how could a man with the label of small forward possibly be considered the greatest point guard in league history? How could a perennial top-five finisher in points per game be great at directing an entire offense? It’s quite simple actually. The title of point guard is arbitrary; the essence of the position is where our answer lies. The point guard simply has the responsibility of directing the team’s offense, and since Lebron was a young pup, there has been no one greater. Since 1973 no one has a higher career TPA (total points added) then Lebron James and his PER (player efficiency rating) ranks 2nd all time. Now, these aren’t pure “Point Guard” stats, but they tell us one thing. No other player has more impact on his team’s offense then James, and isn’t that what being a point guard is all about?

I’m not a big orchestra guy. Orchestra and that sort of music simply isn’t my thing. But I have always been fascinated by the complete control the maestro has over the musicians. One mistake by this leader and everything falls apart. What is supposed to be a smooth production instantly becomes chaos if the maestro waves his hand the wrong way, gets offbeat, or brings in another section too early. Lebron has been the maestro of whatever team he plays on for well over a decade. He impacts the game in ways we have never seen before. His effectiveness on offense and ability to seamlessly involve everyone on the court while making sure he stays aggressive is something we take for granted now because we are so used to it. We have become socialized to just assuming Lebron has to be perfect. He has been scrutinized more than any other player in league history. There will be times where Lebron will make the extra pass or the right basketball play and get criticized for not “taking over”.

That’s a standard we haven’t held for anyone before. Right now the greatest Point Guard in history is displaying his greatness night after night. Make sure you don’t miss out.

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